Newstead Abbey History - Part 3 (BSL & subtitles)

This short video shows Lord Byron has left England forever. He sells his beloved home to his school friend Thomas Wildman.

Wildman’s fortune, made by the work of slaves, is poured into Newstead’s crumbling walls. He designs new spaces himself.

Newstead is renewed as Wildman’s splendid home, and as a lasting tribute to his friend Lord Byron.

Thomas Wildman has died with no heirs, and his wife Louisa sells Newstead to William Frederick Webb. The Webb family have travelled to many places around the world, and they bring new friends and ideas back to Newstead.

The house continues to change with the growing family, who share happy and tragic times here.

The family is suffering financial problems when Sir Julien Cahn takes ownership in 1931, to give the house to the Nottingham Corporation.

Includes BSL and subtitles


The Wolfson Foundation

Arts Council England

Nottingham City Council

Filmmakers Dave Alexander Smith and David Stewart