Meet the Ghosts

Saturday 26 Oct - Sat 26 Oct
Price: £18pp

Beautiful Newstead Abbey. Built to salve a kings conscience and make good with his God for the Murder of Thomas Becket.
Sold by Henry viii to the Byron family to bolster up the royal coffers.
Inspiration to writers like Washington Irving writer of Sleepy Hollow.
Loved by Physic Investigators and now venue for the Meet the Ghosts led by Madame Parboiled (Kath George) who has worked at the Abbey as a Museum Guide and as Part of the Management team.
So come and hear the tales that the guides tell each other of the events that have happened to them. The ones that start with YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME No costumes or staging just one of Nottinghams most Beautiful and Haunted buildings. We will even give you a glass of wine to steady your nerves
Tickets £18pp over 15years

Book though Madame Parboiled direct - 07773 147271