House and gardens

Newstead’s 300 acres of parkland owes much of its beauty to the River Leen feeding the lakes, ponds and cascades that ornament its gardens. The grounds provide the perfect place for a relaxing outing year-round, with fabulous wildlife including peacocks, swan and geese. Explore the walled gardens, the lush ferns and rockery, or the sunken ornamental Japanese oasis boasting streams and stepping stones, bamboo groves and wild crayfish.

With sixteen distinct oasis within the grounds, explore the Garden Lake, Byron’s Oak, Boatswain’s Monument, Stew Pond, Fernery and numerous herbaceous borders. Multiple themed gardens include the Japanese, American, Small Walled, Rose, Sub-Tropical, Venetia, Spanish, French, Monks and Great Gardens.


The fort, constructed in 1749 by the fifth Lord Byron, served as a vantage point for miniature naval re-enactments and canons firing across the lake. On such occasions, the expanse of water became his mini ‘Mediterranean Sea’. In 1877, the Webbs converted the building into a boathouse.

Gardens Gallery

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